Elizabyth Harrington

Strategic and influential leader with 10+ years experience in managing, mentoring and coaching high-performing teams with clarity and honesty to deliver software projects that exceed client expectations.


“Elizabyth is the person we call when we need to call the digital calvary. She’s the tops!”



How Being a Yoga Teacher Made Me a Better Leader

In the summer of 2018, I made the decision to take a break from my career as a digital program manager to focus on some self development and pursue a couple of personal goals. One of these goals was to become a yoga teacher.

While the intention behind this was to share my love of yoga with others, I soon found that the principles and experiences that made me a successful yoga teacher translated into useful skills when I resumed my career as a program manager…



Tech-savvy Program Manager comfortable in fast-paced, Agile (Scrum and Kanban), predictive (waterfall) and Hybrid environments. Experience with the SDLC within tech companies focusing on SaaS, cloud services, software and web development, smartphone and tablet apps, branding, marketing, advertising, retail, healthcare and entertainment. Excellent project management and communication skills, and high emotional intelligence.


JIRA, Azure DevOps (ADO); Smartsheet, MS Project, SaaS, PMO, Google suite, Trello, Basecamp, WordPress, Adobe Design Suite, Confluence, Slack, Zoom, Miro


Leadership, team building and management, mentoring and coaching, strategic direction, portfolio, program and project execution, management, reporting, researching, financial management, budgeting, forecasting, client relations, stakeholder presentations, RFP and proposal writing, identifying growth opportunities, contract writing, communication, risk analysis and mitigation planning, presentation design, content and technical writing


I cannot laud Elizabyth highly enough. An *icon* for Women in Technology. She has been an amazing mentor as my own career evolved from team to team, from role to role. She is my role model, my heroine, and the person I have called on for advice on the toughest situations. Her technical expertise and can-do attitude is matched only by her energy — a force! A *power*! She is the person I imagine when I imagine what “Undaunted” looks like.

Elizabyth is one of the best Project managers in the biz, and mostly because she is so much more than that. A detail oriented master of management with a keen eye for design and word-smithing all rolled up into one extraordinary package. She has a winning personality and is easy to get along with and someone you can trust to keep her cool even in the midst of deadline mayhem. I highly recommend her and hope to have a chance to work with her again myself soon.